Historia vivens 1300 (Living History 1300) is a group of historical re-enactors within the Burgverein Puchberg (Puchberg Castle Association).  The association was founded in the municipality of Puchberg am Schneeberg, located in the State of Lower Austria, on the 12th of August, 2001 with the aim of preserving and increasing interest in the ruins of Puchberg Castle.

We offer association members a real opportunity to get involved in the Middle Ages, with an emphasis on life and culture in Austria as it was around the year 1300 A.D.

We actively promote interest in the Middle Ages through frequent contact with schools, museums in Austria and other countries, book and educational media publishers.  We have loaned historic materials and equipment to the Museum of History in the Pfalz for their exhibition "The Knights",  to the Bergische Museum in Schloss Burg (Burg Palace) in Germany, and to the State of Lower Austria for exhibitions celebrating the Battle of Pressburg and the early Middle Ages in Lower Austria.

Our historically accurate copies and reconstructed objects are intended to meet higher demands and show our dedication to history as well as the quality and the seriousness of our association, distinguishing us from purely theatrical and/or carnival clubs.


We strive to generate public interest in the Middle Ages by bringing it to life before their very eyes – "reach out and touchable history".  Our emphasis is on historically accurate representations of daily life in the Middle Ages in which the public, children in particular, can actively participate.  In addition to demonstrations of historic craft techniques, presentation of commonly used items and objects, weapons, and armor, we attempt to provide details on the way of life as it was, giving our modern day peers a chance to feel how it was back then.


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